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Aaron Swartz -Internets Own Boy (1986-2013)

Today is the day Our Internets OWN boy died a Year ago not many of us will know Who is Aaron swartz and why he's been mourned after a year by a guy who is in a third world country and not related to him in any way .

Here is a Wikipedia article :
Aaron Swartz

Why He is called Internets own boy ?

Aaron at the Age of 15 was involve deeply in the development of Semantic web and RSS protocol ,In 2001 at that time i was also 15 and was probably pissing in pants but Aaron developed RSS .Anyone who uses Internet ,blogs knows the importance and how RSS improves their web experience .Aaron was on the board of wikipedia ,founder of PACER (online database which gave free access to US court document for free to public ),Co-owner of Reddit (hot social news site) and many more things which are not big and famous Aaron throught his life contributed to improvement of Internet and make data free to all and make Internet a free and Independent medium.

Why Aaron is Different from millions of other Internet Users ?

   Aaron constantly believed in transparency and openness and he loved Internet and believed Technology can bring a change .While he is a co-oener of Reddit which is a hot and happening Social media site now in the likes of Facebook ,Aaron left it and worked on PACER,Deaddrop,creative commons and involved in Digital activism and politics in Real life .He is a open supporter of wikileaks,FOSS,Transparent web and spearheaded the anti SOPA,PIPA and ensured that THE INTERNET is free and not aunder anyones control . 

This video is a must watch for Everyone aaron himself explains about the dangers of giving control of internet to governments Aaron always wanted the knowledge to be free and everyone should access the data for free ,He himself has given all his scholary articles for free with CC rights he was furious when he learnt that US judiciary documents can be downloaded for a fee he paid for the documents downloaded it and hosted it in a website for free also he was pissed off to hear that the MIT world renowned university has locked the scholary papers of Researches/students aaron went to the university and with his credentials he downloaded all the docunents with his legitimate credentials but MIT chose to Prosecute Aaron for massive download and pressed charges against CFAA . It may look like a samll case but US secret service got involved and Aaron was torched Pscyhcologically and was made to run between courts and was under surveillance from US secret service and was facing 30 + years of jail ,all these for just downloading articles which is free to all and illegally restricted to public by a university not the other way around .Aaron hanged himself the same day last year from the sheer pressure US federal government imposed on him and few of us believe that Aaron commited suicide because he dont want to get prosecuted and out his comrades ala Wikileaks & anonymous .Wikileaks has openly addimited that aaron might have been a source to them and few belive aaron might be involved in anonymous movements also .

What we should do now ?

Aaron has showed us the path and it is upto us to carry the torch The Internet is the only free ,transparent and open media in our time and knowledge and data should be made free to all.corporates should not be allowed to take control of Internet and Government should not be allowed to Use Internets as SPY media .I encourage everyone to share knowledge for free to all in their own fields be it a technical paper presentation or a book upload it in internet with CC and make it free .

Febraury 11 is the day to Remember  all of us should unite to take back our internet and honour Aaron

The day we fight back  

Please donate to any of the organisations they are fighting on our behalf and the enemy is mighty governments and these are the organisations aaron was associated



Finally as I told on Facebook Aaron is all about giving Knowledge free to others and Herewith I have hosted some of the Free books on topics I know

Litreture :
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