Sunday, March 2, 2014

A murder ,outrage and Few questions

Uma Maheshwari just another ordinary girl who finished college and entered into the IT stream with loads of dreams was Raped and Brutally murdered just feats away from her work place .With the usual negligence of police to take complaint the Smell from decaying corpse led to the eventual arrest of the suspects and outrage of IT and NON IT people ,Now based on News on MSM and social media I have few doubts on the issue since i also work on the same field  and spent better part of my life in the place where the incident took place .

Disclaimer :
 This post is intended for having healthy discussion and not usual male chauvinistic and Racist comments.

Few questions :
 1.Whats with the mentality of when a girl is missing why the hell she should have eloped and even the parents say it is not so ,should everyone bribe for just taking a complaint .

2. Uma went alone after work at 10.20 PM is that wrong  ? no but what about CAB facility I know that there is no public transport in the place at that time and it is at least a Kilometer or so from the road to have a transport  .Did the countries Largest IT firm missed out on basic things like transport  ? what about  shuttle services to next place where public transport is available

3.What is the Role of SIPCOT here why they didnt have any surveillance in the place ,for people who dont know the place where murder happened is the Entrance to SIPCOT which houses major IT firms and holds at least a Lakh or so people .The distance is about two kilometers and it s  a lone road with little or no humans or buildings for safety ,what about the traditional Watch tower/watchmen or at least a outdoor surveillance camera on the pathway.

4.why the SIPCOT has not  provided or made as mandate for a shuttle service from end to end of their premises ,I know it is very hard to go inside without your own personal vehicle after 8 PM ,Public transport is rare and Autos are loot even in the day time .

5.What is the safety and security measures taken by TCS for employees ,Is there any harassment cell ,what about SOS numbers ,what is the training given to employees regards any emergency

6.There is a unofficial report which says Uma s request for CAB was rejected because of error in cost center ,Is it true ? if it is true the guy who designed the Site should be punished immediately  why the hell should employee care about cost center .

7.What is the action taken by States Labour department ,sudden flurry of migrant workers int he recent years and  what is done to regulate them ?

Now the bad thing has happened  lets at least question ourselves and prevent it in future I'm sure many of them in My list is either newly married or going to marry soon and we all want a Working wife and safety of them is in our hands .Working is night shifts is not bad it has become a mandate and part of our life lets just be careful Men/women neither of them are safe in this world and we dont live in Manhattan or Europe, Few things which are simple can save our life which is priceless

When going home from night shift 
  i) book a cab and go
 ii) go in groups at least two it is not very difficult to find a collegue leaving premise on same time
iii)be vigilante when you are travelling alone No earphones ,keep your mobile up and running ,keep a speed dial handy
iv) keep a friend /parent informed about your whereabouts I have a friend as my 911 wherever I go be it Chennai/hyderabad/mumbai or Chengalpet .
v) keep your safety officer /TL/PM informed when you suspect anything inside or outside workplace .During my previous stint with a Fortune company I have lot of friends in safety department and I have known many cases of Bullying to Road safety been reported and taken care of

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