Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I wish all the friends around the world a very happy and prosperous new year may this 2009 brings in peace and joy to all of us hopefully the economic meltdown and other crisis happening around the world comes to an end in 2009.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I wish all my friends around the world a very merry Christmas may the birth of lord brings you good health and wealth .May joy and peace be showered abundantly from lords hands in this season.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

England teams noble gesture and some questions

Yesterday England cricket team arrived to India for a two test match series and the first match starts in Chennai on arriving Chennai Mr.Alaistar cook on a interview to a news channel told that we are confident about our lives and our winning the security arrangements are good and we feel pity for the people who died in the incident and all of us are donating half our match payment to the victims of terrorist attack. What a nice gesture and human tendency it is while coming to India itself is a big thing and it requires a lot of courage and confidence to play under this situation and in this they are giving half of their match fee while some of the Indian players who earn double and triple the amount from Indian people s tax are tightlipped and I wonder these kind of thoughts won’t come to their brainless head especially Mr.sachin who earns billions of rupees and hails from Mumbai won’t even give a penny a shame for all the Indians who consider him as a hero and god .
Some questions:
1. Indian cricket team what are you doing ? Wake up you morons.
2. Mr. Raj Thackeray where are you?
3. Ambani brothers what are you doing.

Friday, December 5, 2008

youth power wasted

The terrorist attack that happened in 26th November in Mumbai, India was done by some 15 to 20 terrorists only and all of them are below 25 years old which was shocking. All of them are youths and well educated what makes them to do these kinds of things only youths are the pillars of the nations and a country’s development mainly depends on its youth population only. But now youths are not working for their countries development instead they came to kill innocent people of a neighboring country just for the sake of money really a sad thing to hear. one soldier told that these terrorists are highly motivated and they are not caring for their lives but to kill others .some of the bad leaders ,religious fanatics who are suppose to lead the young generation are misleading them preaching some idiotic principles and religious hatred among the young. Now it’s clear these ill fated assholes are targeting the youths for their selfishness they make use of the young people’s poverty and their education and making them to do immoral activities. Dear youths don’t waste your life for some idiotic bad things you should work hard for your families welfare and for the welfare of others not giving your life for some selfish fellows and for all those sick old fanatics and terrorists who so ever you may be but you cannot succeed in what you think and god will never forgive you.