Friday, April 17, 2009

web hosting

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Thursday, April 2, 2009


hi friends you all may think why he is writing a review about a film which was released months ago but i want to write about this film long ago but today only time permitted.
Flashback of a fool is simple story which begins with a threesome sex scene in a famous hollywood actors house this scene is just inserted to show the careless posh life of popular and rich people .joe scott is living in a big house has assistants and lot of money and facilities but he is staying alone and his mom stays in their native town.joe leads a careless life dumps his girlfriends spends a lot of money and is not afraid of future but disaster strikes his life when a director of a film dumps him and he came to know the truth that all the directors are not satisfied with his work and no one is ready to book him so he gets insulted and in order to relieve his stress he wants to go back to hi snative and see his mom and attend the funeral of his friend boots.
there starts the flashback boots and joe scott are two best friends and one day scott sees a girl in the arcade and falls in love with her ruth davies done by (felicity jones) while going for first date a sudden twist his neighbour hood aunt evelyn who is longing for sex seduces him and they both have sex in their house and scott went to see ruth with love bites in his neck on seeing it ruth gets tensed and rejects him .then scott and boots gets separated and again one day when evelyns husband goes away for work and they both have sex by sending their daughter jane outside where she dies near the sea and scott leaves the town in guilt.
now scott goes to his town and sees his mom and others and gets carried by the memories and when he sees ruth davies he felt so sorry and cannot express anything to her he simply writes a letter and leaves a blank cheque and goes back to hollywood.

there are three naked scenes in the movie and leaving that scenes it is a good movie only thing is daniel craig shows no reaction in his face and looks rough.young joe scott harry eden and young ruth felicity jones scores maximun especially felicity in old fashioned dress is still in my eyes so cute way to go a certain point of our life if we turn back and see htings we all will feel that we had done something foolish or will accept ourselves as a fool that is the jist of this movie.