Saturday, October 4, 2008

Humanism survives even in this concrete jungle

Hi friends today my post is about a important thing humans only have the nature to help others and some people help even by giving their life .this is proved time by time and such things only make others feel that they are also a human .here is one such incident which will make to think about themselves whoso ever reads this please do something for humanity please.

The kid wearing blue shirt is the real hero and his name is HITENDRAN. He met with an accident a week before and his brain stopped functioning and he was declared as brain dead person but his heart and other organs are functioning. So his parents (both doctors) especially Mr.Ashokan who is the father decided to donate his organs and he informed this to the doctors and they called every hospital and asked for it. At that time a small girl had a dilated cardio myopathy and her heart was swollen and she s in the verge of death. Dr.cherian of FRONT LINE hospital ,Chennai arranged for an surgery immediately and now the real problem starts unlike other organs heart live for only 30 minutes and before that we have to transplant it .so Mr.sunil Kumar assistant commissioner (traffic) instructed everyone and made sure that all the signals were green and Mr. Mohan head constable (traffic) drove the car very fast with heart and reached the place in 12 minutes and then the surgery took place and now the girl is under investigation and safe. Here four people made humanity greater 1.hithendran (who’s heart is transplanted 2.the ashokans (parents of the kid) 3.the doctors (without them the surgery cannot take place) 4.the traffic police (without them the heart would not have reached the place).one thing is for sure what ever changes humanism inside every human never change .let the kids soul rest in peace and the small girl have a prosperous life and let all of us donate our organs.

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